Since 2011, Rock the Kasbah has been affirming its style and its difference by influencing a new ethnic breath in urban interiors. Solicited by a premium clientele, the brand has always sought to revisit Tunisian crafts. Materials such as palm fiber or olive wood have given Rock the Kasbah all of its identity and thus allowed it to make its place in the world of decoration thanks to its emblematic creations. Tunisia and its cultural wealth remains the cradle of its unique know-how. It’s in his workshop, at the Soukra, that Philippe Xerri, designer of the brand, creates and manufactures each of the pieces that feed his collections. The craftsmanship of the models makes each piece unique, giving your interiors a strong identity.


The world of Philippe Xerri is a creative universe inspired by its values and its sensitivity. For many years, the timelessness of his vision has allowed him to place his concept in different types of places, even the most atypical. The discovery of Feng Shui principles brought him enormously, personally and professionally. Chinese art, now millennial, Feng Shui aims to harmonize the energies of a place in order to promote the health, well-being and prosperity of its guests. This new energy stability allows him to further assert his style as well as his creative and innovative vision of the world of decoration. Ahead of its time, it never stops trying to reinvent itself by learning a little more every day about the world around it and its wonders. His inspirations come from Tunisia and its heritage, its homeland for twenty years now. In love with the art world, each discovery animates its creativity. As Philippe Xerri likes to say, his chance is to be able to make a non-backward looking but modernist replay of his many trips.

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