Basket Palm Aladdin


Basket in palm fiber and cover in raw palm.



The Aladdin line is composed of several models, whose palm braiding, follows the ancestral method, and apartment to the collective memory of the spiral sewn. An art rethought in the technique and colors of Rock The Kasbah, with the help of a young artisan and her family. The vegetable colors of the different creations are derived from the pigmentation of natural resources: the red comes from beet, the yellow and orange from curcumin, the shades of brown and dark orange are from pomegranate, the purple from dandina and the black is a mixture obtained from these different pigments. 

The Palmier models, with their raw palm tree lids, modern and authentic, exist in 2 formats. With cover.

Large size : H.30xL.30cm
Small size : H.16xL.25cm

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